Opatija Riviera

Walks (Lungo Mare)

Lungo Mare of Opatija is 12 kilometres long, connecting Volosko and Lovran. The very centre of Opatija holds a 3.64 ha park containing over 150 types of plants. The most interesting is the Japanese camellia, which over time became the symbol of Opatija. The park is also home to the oldest building, the chapel of St. Jacob, first mentioned in 1449. Today the park is divided into two parts: one belonging to the church and called St. Jacob’s Park, and the other belonging to the Villa Angiolina and called the Park Angiolina.


If you want to discover the beauties of Kvarner by bike and go on a true cycling adventure, it will take a very short time for you to realise the numerous possibilities. 19 routes along the coast and its hinterland, marked and traced, are awaiting you and it's up to you to choose the desired destination – in the direction of Cres, Lošinj, Krk, Rab or Gorski Kotar – and pedal away. Good luck!


Conquer the mountain peaks and enjoy all the breathtaking beauties of unspoiled natured. Kvarner offers a wide range of endless possibilities with its unique areas from Kastav to Učka and from Risnjak to the Velebit Range.

Rafting & Canuing

The watercourse of one of the most beautiful European rivers, the Kupa, passes through the Gorski Kotar area where its power and indescribable beauty reaches its fullest expression. Therefore, if you'd like to try something new, rafting is the thing for you. The main rafting season lasts from April to June and from September to October. Those most brave usually wait for the highest river water levels, while the easier family type „sailing rafting“ can be tried out in the summer months when the water levels are considerably lower.

Free climbing

It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced climber or a beginner if you're a great lover of this unique sport. The area of Kvarner offers numerous possibilities for discovering the excitement of free climbing. You must certainly try this…

Scuba diving

At one point or another, almost everyone has desired to take a look into the magical underwater world and to uncover the secrets of the lives of the most interesting creatures, to experience the most amazing and unusual phenomena? Expert divers will show you why the Kvarner undersea world is a real paradise that you cannot miss. Geological and biological treasure, diverse flora and fauna, numerous underwater caves and old ship wrecks will surely impress you.

Including: transport, equipment and instructor.