Opatija Riviera

Two names – the same meaning: top level tourism with a sixty year tradition

Geographically Opatija – the tourist Opatija – encompasses the whole Opatija Riviera and its hinterland – Liburnia, as the area is referred to even today, after the Liburnians, the Illyrian tribe that settled the are in ancient times.

On an area of roughly 310 square kilometres, two climatically and geophysicaly different areas are united: the coastal belt from Preluk cove to the settlement of Zagorje, and the „interior“ part, also referred to as the Opatijan Karst.

These two areas are both united and divided by Mt. Učka. With its height of 1402 meters, it dwarfs the whole of Istria and Kvarner.

The visitors can experience these differences in the Opatija Riviera in as little as fifteen minutes driving.

The braves can take a swim in the sea and then take a sleigh ride down Mt. Učka within the same hour!

The Opatija Riviera earned these God-given differences thanks to its position along the Adriatic Sea, which took its deepest cut into the European continent at just this spot.