Historical data

Although the oldest harbour at Opatija was probably located in a small inlet („Portić“) in front of St. Jacob church, the present day harbour („Mul“) must be fairly old in its own right, since it is included in the city plan of 1820 marked as „Porto Herdt“, which is a modified Italian name for the local „Rt“ („Zert“) or cape.

Whatever the case, its dimensions were already being altered by the builder of villa Angioline, Iginio Scarpa, who wanted to readjust it to his yacht, while its definitive shape was set during a reconstruction and enlargement at the end of 19th century and the beginning of 20th.

What is known today as the Galija restaurant (ex Padovan and Jedro) used to be a customs house, while the kayak club (Club dei Canottieri) was in the location of today's Sailing club.