Port map

The port area
34.969 m2, with 6.312 m2 of land and 28.657 m2 of sea.

The port border areas
The port area is composed of the coastal land area and its associated aquatorium.

Northern Adriatic, Gulf of Rijeka, City of Opatija

Geo - location
ϕ = 45°20'2 N; λ = 14°19'0 E

The borders of the port area viewed on the cadastral plan show that the land area of the port covers the following cadastral plots of the Cadastral Municipality of Opatija: 771/1, 771/2, 772/1 part, 447 building, 457 building and 55/3 part.

The port is composed of the operational pier, the operative quay used for vessel fuel supply and the quay used as a berthing area. The operational pier is 100 meters in length and accessible from both sides. The sea depth at the pier ranges from 4 to 5.5 meters with a capacity for berthing one larger or three smaller vessels. The operational quay for vessel fuel supply is 34 meters in length and has a depth of 4.5 meters. The berthing quay for smaller boats is 200 meters in length, while the depth of the quay wall ranges from 1 to 2 meters with berthing capacity for 70 boats; anchoring berths facilitate 70 more vessels. All the port buildings are of a massive building style made of stone and concrete, in good condition and usable.

The harbour is fitted with equipment for berthing, harbour lights, a 5 tonne crane, a smaller manually operated boat crane and a small shipway. The port also has access to public roads, water connections, electrical power supply and telephone.

Accommodation within the city offers numerous other advantages and high-standard service.